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who are we

we are zebec systems
We have almost 20 years experience in environmental consultancy and product development.

Headquartered in Scotland, we have been helping water treatment professionals across the UK to comply with the highest safety standards since 2002.

We emphasise the technical expertise and support we provide to our clients.
About Us

the zebec systems team

About Us

Martin Gorevan

Managing Director

Martin started zebec systems in 1999, to provide solutions for hotels and other operators of large building, who were increasingly concerned about the Legionella risk to customer’s health & wellbeing.

About Us

Andrew Jenkins

Technical Director

Andy is a highly qualified professional with a 1st Class degree in Engineering and more than 2 decades of experience in a wide variety of disciplines including Building Services, Plant Engineering, Biogas & Organics Extrusion.

About Us

Jackie Hamilton

Finance Officer

Jackie’s job is to make sure that the zebec systems’ back office operates smoothly & efficiently. A job she does with consummate professionalism.
But her primary role is to ensure that your orders are delivered precisely when you expect them.

About Us

John Paul O’Rourke

Business Development Manager

JP is a twenty year veteran of the water treatment business, from service engineer, through customer services manager to his current role in business development & customer relations.
JP is your advocate in zebec systems

what do we do

About Us

bringing expertise to the market

We manufacture Geosil50 and use it extensively for the disinfection of water storage tanks and hot & cold water distribution systems.

This experience has given us an in depth knowledge of how best to use Geosil50 to achieve the maximum benefits.

We can advise on any challenges our clients may face with different water systems.

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