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what is Geosil50?

Geosil50 is a concentrated biocide, effective even at very low dose rates. It is suitable for professional use.

Geosil50 is a hydrogen peroxide biocide stabilised with ionic silver which amplifies the disinfection process. Geosil50 is twenty times more powerful a biocide than standard hydrogen peroxide.

Geosil50 can be effectively used in hot/cold water treatments and water tanks against Legionella. New UKAS laboratory tests show a 4.96 log Legionella reduction in only 60 minutes contact time. Geosil50 easily exceeds the mandated Legionella reduction rate of > 4 Log.

Geosil50 is manufactured entirely in the UK, so NO increases in Price or Delivery Charges or supply disruption due to logistic issues at Dover.

advanced and effective hot & cold water disinfection

how does it work?

The active ingredient in Geosil50 is hydrogen peroxide, which kills bacteria and viruses by a process of oxidation.

The peroxide dissociates to form Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) which are O2, H2O2 and OH.

The ROS damages the DNA and enzymes of the bacteria, rendering them inactive. To amplify the oxidation process Geosil50 is blended with ionic silver.

The ionic silver in Geosil50 acts as a stabiliser and accelerant, thus significantly improving on the performance of hydrogen peroxide alone and dramatically extending its shelf life.

legionella growth in water systems is encouraged by a number of factors


where to use Geosil50?

Geosil50 can be used in water distribution systems including those found in offices, hotels, schools, nursing homes and industrial premises.


  • cold water storage tanks
  • calorifiers and other hot water generational plant
  • hot & cold water pipework & distribution systems
  • Showerheads, Taps, thermostatic mixing valves and all the other constituent parts of a building’s water systems

ionic silver in Geosil50 stabilises the hydrogen peroxide and dramatically extends its shelf life

when to use Geosil50?

Geosil50 can be used in two ways; as part of your regular activity, and to recommission a system.

Geosil50 is manufactured for water treatment professionals who are looking for a fast-acting, effective product which leaves no odour.

we provide full documentation & training in the use of Geosil50


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