GEOSIL RTM – Effective Legionella Control

how effective is your legionella control scheme?

Having on-site engineers monitoring temperatures at sentinel outlets is a minimum requirement of any compliant Legionella control scheme, but there’s a better way to record, analyse and act on temperature data.

GEOSIL RTM is a 2nd Generation Remote Temperature Monitoring & Management Information System that will revolutionise how you implement your Legionella control scheme and save you money.

2nd Generation RTM Has Arrived

main features

  • Scalable – single buildings to multiple-building complexes
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Designed specifically for Legionella risk control
  • user defined alerts inc. alert criteria
  • skilled personnel released for other important work

key benefits for facilities manages & LCA members

  • real time accurate information on H&C water down-services
  • daily email alerts to key personnel
  • Identify infrequently used outlets that need to be flushed
  • reduce scald risk

How does it work?

The essential components of GEOSIL RTM are Temperature Sensors, connected to Sensor Control Devices which transmit to a LoRAWan SIM Gateway and onwards via a robust internet connection to a secure database.

The temperature data is then accessed through an easy-to-use Management Information System consisting of a Dashboard, combined with a Daily Alert System, to provide Legionella control that is Effective as well as Compliant.

temperature sensors

  • 10k NTC thermistors
  • designed for remote temperature monitoring in large buildings
  • standard Pipe clip or waterproof for immersion in tanks
  • records every 2℃ change in temperature
  • If no temperature changes, the temperature is recorded every 30 minutes

sensor control devices

  • advanced wireless device designed to manage data from up to 4 temperature sensors
  • battery operated with a 2 to 5 year life depending on data volumes
  • email alert sent when battery life is low
  • temperature data automatically sent to SIM gateway.
  • SIM gateway can be located several hundred metres away in the building
  • uses LoRa, the key technology in wide area networks
GEOSIL RTM - Effective Legionella Control
Sensor Control Device + 4 Temperature Sensors

4G sIM gateway to the central database

  • powered by loRaWan technology
  • channels data via secure internet connection to a central database
  • single SIM gateway channels up to 1,000 Sensor control devices
  • up to 4,0000 temperature sensors
  • temperature data is accessed via an easy-to-use dashboard
  • drill down from building portfolio level to individual asset in seconds
GEOSIL RTM - Effective Legionella Control
sIM gateway with up to 1,000 connected Control devices

Compliance dashboard

  • how often & how for how long has outlet reached target temp
  • daily alerts on non-compliant & little used outlets
  • review daily minimum & maximum temperatures at all outlets
  • and much more!

GEOSIL RTM management information system

typical user defined alarm types

  • calorifier flow < 55℃
  • calorifier flow not achieved 60℃ in a day
  • calorifier return < 50℃

alarm alerts – cold water distribution

  • red alert – outlet hasn’t reached 50℃ in last 7 days
  • red alert – outlet hasn’t gone below 20℃ in the last 7 days
  • amber alert – outlet hasn’t reached 50℃ in the last 5 days
  • amber alert – outlet hasn’t gone below 20℃ in the last 5 days


A comprehensive training programme is available for staff involved in the planning & deployment of GEOSIL RTM technology and in the use of the GEOSIL RTM Management Information System.

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