information box 4 and why it’s important

In the LCA Cleaning & Disinfection Service Delivery Standard, Information Box 4 highlights the importance of recording disinfectant Residual Levels & Contact Time.


How long before your friendly LCA Auditor asks to see your disinfectant Method Statement and then compares it to the Site Report he’s inspecting?

And how would you like to explain to an HSE Inspector that your operatives haven’t followed the vendor’s Method Statement?

geosil50 dose rate & contact time

Best in Class – 1000ppm for 60 minutes, with a 99.999% reduction in the Legionella viable count. GB BPR Authorisation, and an extremely detailed Method Statement. See below how this compares to our competitors.

endosan dose rate & contact time

What about Endosan, I hear you say? The Endosan on-line calculator offers some options, none of which look  very attractive – a Contact Time of 12 hours  is impossible, and how many interim residual measurements would you need to record? The Endosan people are silent on this.

huwa-san dose rate & contact time

And the self-proclaimed market leading disinfectant vendor Huwsan? A Contact Time of 60 minutes is excellent but with a dose rate of @2000ppm you need to use twice as much chemical.

sanosil dose rate & contact time

Now, if you’re using Sanosil, and following the Instructions for Use which mandates a four hour Contact Time, your people will need to be on-site for at least four hours, and have to record residuals at least 9 times!

oxyl-pro dose rate & contact time

Which leaves Oxyl-Pro. The Oxyl-Pro method statement V4, recommends 1% (10 litres per m3) for one hour or 1 litre per m3 for six hours. Geosil50 IFU – 1 litre per m3 for an hour or 0.35 litre for 3 hours.

Geosil50 simply has the best dose rate / contact time in the uk

Geosil50 is still the only silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide biocide with GB BPR Authorisation and is manufactured entirely in the UK. We haven’t incurred any of the extra costs associated with products manufactured in Europe,

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